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Segmentation & Value Services

CHOURADVISER approach is based on a fine segmentation and added value services to enrich your Products and Services portfolio.

CHOURADVISER collaborates closely with your team to define these segments in accordance with marketing criteria. We propose for each segment, specific and tailored services with added value for enhancing differentiation, market share and for consolidating your competitive position.

You are looking for understanding your customers' motivations to design your segmentation because each segmentation needs tailored creativity.

You want to link your segmentation to your marketing and CRM data base for identifying relevant customer touch points.

You want to address each segment with the right message at the right moment with the right product or service through the best channel. This is the reason why you have to have reliable data in your marketing data base.

You are looking for a new loyalty concept for getting reliable data to be used for designing segmentation.

You want to set up efficient and profitable partnership per segment.

Segmentation is depending on your differentiation strategy. A successful segmentation strategy will strongly reinforce your differentiation.

CHOURADVISER provides his expertise in customer behaviour marketing and statistic data analysis to identify segments and added value services for enriching your business development.