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Customer Relationship Management & Data

80 even 90 % of the companies do not know how to use data stored in their database to enhance their business.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Data Base Management System (DBMS) are strongly linked. You must have reliable and efficient DBMS to set up a profitable CRM strategy.

CHOURADVISER can analyse your CRM and DBMS in order to perfect your loyalty strategy, to optimise your marketing segmentation and to go ahead ROI.

CHOURADVISER is able to provide a turnkey solution including DBMS devices and CRM management tools kit.

Understand your customers' behaviour, satisfy their needs and expectations, optimise the Client Value and the Life Cycle Value depend on your CRM and your DBMS.

The percentage of non up dated and unreliable data is very important. Therefore to use efficiently these data for segmentation and marketing actions will be problematic.

CHOURADVISER, thanks to his core business expertise, increase your DBMS to become a very efficient device aiming to heighten your CRM strategy, to keep your client even more than before and to acquire new profitable clients.