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Market & Strategy

CHOURADVISER provides his expertise to improve and to support your Business Strategy.

Strategic and tactical blend approaches to optimise your marketing mix.

SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis by product / by market to optimise your marketing and commercial action plan.

Methodology and Strategic matrixes (PEST, Product Cycle Life, Growth / Market Share, Product / Market, Competition / Market, 3 C, etc.)

Strategic partnership alliance to align your brand with other top-tier brands.

Aggressive, Defensive, Me Too or Innovation : which strategy to enhance your marketing investment and your ROI ?

How to determine relative variables and perform sensitivity analysis per country : how will changes in key variables affect the profitability of your business ?

How to enhance your market share, through new services and new products (extend your current market) or through new markets (new country or new sectors) ?

Which strategy is the best for cross selling and for cross marketing per country, per channel or per brand.