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Customer & Multimedia Convergence

CHOURADVISER is able to provide the best consulting and marketing recommendations for customers and multi media convergence brief.

Customers are looking for products and services that they can relate to emotion (it’s about what consumers feel and think about you).

Customers are loyal you because you’re meaningful to them (give consumers a meaningful reason for consolidating their spend or even for coming back to you thanks to added value services, differentiation and segmentation).

Understand customers’ motivations for shopping to be able to change and adapt the shopping experience to be more efficient.

*Why your customers switching to the competition ?

*Why did they choose you in the first place ?


Identify and determine the most influential customer touch points to enhance relationship management and to increase Customer Life Time Value.

New media brings new consumer segments. Identifying the best use for each medium is the key to success.

You need to identify who are your customers and what they need. Many of the new consumer segments are more into the virtual world (on line) but also in store, in mall, etc. (That’s where they’re gaining their opinions and making decisions : consumers are in charge of the messages).

Personalization drives relevance : with customer value detectors as sharp as they’ve ever been, and the din of noise in available communications channels increasing every year, your communication to members should serve as a save harbour of pristine, relevant and value-added communications.